Uma Spender

As an activist for social justice and the earth, Uma is passionate about sharing yoga and breathwork as a path of service and healing. With almost 20 years experience, her unique approach to sharing and learning is both deeply joyful and transformational. With a playful and nurturing approach, she skilfully translates the ancient to the modern, cultivating a welcoming and inclusive space for all.

Having studied in a traditional Ashram in India, she brings focus to sharing with respect, always honouring the roots of yoga. She is known for her love and knowledge of Tantrik Shaivite and Shakta philosophy and mythology, weaving stories into the embodied practices of breathwork and moving meditation, taking practitioners beyond the asana.

Uma believes in giving people the space to expand into their truest nature; presenting workshops, immersions, trainings and retreats, to encourage deep enquiry and cultivate the space necessary for lasting, conscious change.

WORKSHOP: Ecstatic Breathwork with Uma
Join Uma Neave Spender on a guided breath journey of deep self enquiry and transformation… Ecstatic Breathwork is open-mouth, conscious and connected breathing. This practice naturally releases dimethyltryptamine (DMT) into the brain, which can create expanded emotional awareness, peak experiences of oneness, and spiritual breakthroughs. Ecstatic Breathwork is not recommended during pregnancy, or for those with epilepsy, very high blood pressure, or people suffering severe mental illness. Please talk to your facilitator before the session if any of these raises concern for you.


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Uma Spender