Jem Stone

Jem Stone is First Nations woman, who has been gratefully living on Wurundjeri Country since 2011. Working in the wellness industry for over 20 years, Jem is a Wayapa Wuurrk Practitioner and Trainer, Rebirthing Breathwork Therapist and Educator, creates and facilitates workshops to various audiences, from the corporate arena to pre-school aged children. Jem is trained in Yoga, We-Al-Li Culturally Informed Trauma Therapy, Dadirri, Meditation, as well as Counselling and Sound Healing, which combined her love of Mother Nature and Sound, creating much of her music from field recordings on Country.

Jem has seen first-hand the profound healing benefits of these modalities whilst immersed in nature and is also in collaboration with Forest Therapy Victoria. With this experience Jem now refers to herself as a Connector, Creator and Educator. @jemstone1 @onelittlewarriorwoman @rebirthingbreathworkaustralia


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Jem Stone