Freya Lawler

Freya is a Bachelor qualified Naturopath BHSc, Nutritionist and Natural Fertility Educator with a great passion and expertise in working with patients through their gut, skin and hormonal concerns. She is particularly passionate about the fine details of patients’ health presentations, combining pathology interpretation, functional medicine testing and presenting symptoms together, to create a simplified, holistic and results-driven treatment plan.

Freya is a passionate and experienced speaker and workshop facilitator – especially presenting numerous workshops on the gut/skin axis and healthy hormones. She is committed to her profession and actively engages in ongoing mentoring and continued professional education. Working with patients as their personal health detective brings her so much joy!


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Dear Awaken Community ,

It is with extreme disappointment that we need to announce that the Awaken Festival has been postponed until later this year.

The festival’s entire core production team is based in the Northern Rivers NSW region, which has been hit very hard this week with extreme flooding and we are now facing power outages, loss of internet and phone reception, massive damage to property and more. This natural disaster has severely impacted our team and we are now needing to focus on the massive task of clean up and repair.

This has been a huge unseen blow to all of us. After finally getting through the chaos of Covid we were so ready to unite the community with an incredibly positive experience at Awaken.  

We have such deep gratitude to you all for enduring this challenging journey with us and we apologise for any inconvenience. For all current ticket holders, please bear with us while we deal with limited connectivity – we will be in touch asap regarding ticket refunds.

We are fully committed to holding the festival later in the year and we sincerely hope you can join us. We would love to keep in touch with you so please join our EMAIL LIST so we can keep you updated.

We are confident that when we do finally launch Awaken it will be a truly powerful event.

The Awaken Production Team

Freya Lawler