Zenith Virago

Zenith lives in Byron Bay, Australia and is the EO and founding member of the NSW Charity, the Natural Death Care Centre. She is co-author of the book “The Intimacy of Death and Dying”, and the subject of the international independent documentary, “Zen & the Art of Dying”. Zenith is also patron of the Good Funeral Guide, UK. She has been at the forefront and a leading pioneer of dying well, family-led body care, meaningful and appropriate ceremony, and informing and educating communities to reclaim and be empowered before, during and after death.

Zenith is often seen as a maverick and offers a hybrid of truly traditional ways blended with a more contemporary understanding, encouraging people to take their dying, death, after-death care and ceremony back into their own hands and hearts, even in cases of sudden death and trauma. With a legal and community background and work history, she is seen as a community resource, assisting people to know and reclaim their legal rights, and to co-create their own social rites of passage.


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Zenith Virago