Richmond Heath

Richmond Heath is a Holistic Health Physiotherapist & the National Co-ordinator of TRE in Australia. He is a driving force in the global expansion in the use of TRE for embodiment, flow states and elite performance in addition to its traditional focus on stress release and trauma recovery. Richmond’s greatest passion is empowering people in their own personal growth and ongoing professional development and in 2020 created the world’s first free online TRE course to help support people through the Covid19 Pandemic.

In this workshop you will be connecting with your body’s organic impulse to spontaneously move you towards greater freedom and flow in your body, mind and life. Using the revolutionary TRE technique that releases muscular tension, deepens embodiment and re-awakens dynamic core stability through spontaneous involuntary movements from shakes and tremors through to internal softenings & full body fascial unwindings.
Once this innate impulse is activated in a safe and self-regulated way you will have nothing to do apart from lie back, relax & allow your body to spontaneously move you into deeper states of peace, contentment, vitality, creativity & joy than we are ever able to create through consciously directed techniques alone.


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Richmond Heath