Ella Noah Bancroft & Kirilly Dawn

Ella Noah Bancroft is a descendent of the peoples of the Bundjalung nation from Northern NSW and peoples of England, Poland and Scotland. She is a Yoga teacher, artist, connection coach and an environmental and Indigenous rights activist. This 60-minute gentle yoga class is a balanced hybrid of Yin and Restorative Yoga. The practice is from a decolonised perspective so Indigenous language (Bundjalung) and sanskrit will be used. The asana is a slow flow of yin-style deep stretches, held for 2-8 minutes. This is a healing practice, a time to go inward and a time to remember and respect the ancients for the wisdom they have passed down.

Kirilly Dawn is a Barkindji woman, belonging to the Barka river, with ancestry also to England. She is an embodiment practitioner, dancer and doula. She works with somatic movement practices to guide people into their bodies for deeper trust, presence and connection. She has an ongoing love affair with the moving body and embodiment practices, and her studies include ballet and contemporary dance, Body Mind Centering, Hatha and Yin Yoga and Somatic Movement Therapy.

Workshop Details: MOVING WATERS
This workshop is an exploration in the waters of our body and the water bodies of Earth. A somatic movement and yin yoga experience that takes us deep inside our inner worlds, to move with the waters within, while connecting with Country and our more than human kin. This workshop is rooted in eco-social co-liberation, where healing of our bodies happens in community alongside the healing of Country.

Kirilly Dawn will guide us through an embodiment process with somatic movement, to slow down to feel the subtleties of our alive and sensuous bodies in motion. A process of moving from the inside out, guided by the waters within. Ella Noah Bancroft will bring us into stillness and rest, through a yin yoga practice. What was moved through us, will now have time to resonate through our waters in deeply nourishing yin postures to facilitate integration.


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Ella Noah Bancroft & Kirilly Dawn